Do you find that your instrument isn’t sounding as well as it could? Does it lack strength? Are certain overtones missing?Treat your instrument to a sound adjustment. Together we can analyze the circumstances, and then we will try out a series of different soundpost positions. The goal is to achieve a timbre spectrum that corresponds as much as possible with what you are seeking and imagining. Many instruments react quite sensitively to changes in humidity: when there is a change of seasons, a brief sound adjustment with only minimal modifications can often work wonders. One doesn’t necessarily have to cut a new soundpost. Are you often travelling to countries with other types of climate? In such cases, a slight loosening or tightening of the soundpost can help restore your instrument’s accustomed sound. Do you play on one of my handmade instruments? In that case, don’t forget to take advantage of my free sound adjustment service whenever you require it. I am always thrilled to have one of my instruments back on the workbench. After you make an appointment, I’ll be glad to spend some time for us to work together on improving your instrument’s sound. For instruments I haven’t made myself, I allow myself to charge the following rate:

30 min.           50.00 € incl. sales tax

60 min.           100.00 € incl. sales tax

If you are a student, bring your student ID and ask about the reduced rate.