„I wake up, drink a cup of coffee and unlock the doors to the workshop. The fragranceof essential oils fills my nostrils. My work is waiting for me. With gratitude I embark on the most wonderful daily activity I can imagine: take 400 grams of wood to create a miracle of sound, capable of warming the hearts of those who play it, and of all those who listen.“

Bärbel Bellinghausen born in Bonn
1990 – 1993 Staatliche Fachschule für Geigenbau Mittenwald
1998 Master degree, Düsseldorf
1998 – 2001 established in Bochum
since 2002 established in Vienna

member/founder of KlangGestalten www.klanggestalten.de, Europe
member of Con-Takt Junior www.con-takt.org, Berlin
member/founder of Pop-Up-Shop for contemporary Violins and bows, Vienna www.facebook.com/geigenbaupopupshop

Member of VÖG, Verband Österreichischer Geigenbauer

Member of FC Fertans

member of 4 BRAINS – 8 HANDS – ONE MASTERPIECE, Collaborative Makers Quartett together with Andreas Hampel – Hamburg, Andreas Hudelmayer – London, Felix Krafft – Berlin